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Google ReaderIt's way too late and I should really be asleep. But I'm not. I blame it on Google. I was checking out some links that were referencing my blog in Google Analytics and came across:

I decided to see what the link was so I threw it in my address bar. I'm glad I did! Google has built a slick little web-based feedreader. I put all my subscriptions in there to all the blogs I check out daily. Google does the rest. It keeps track of which entries I've read and which ones that I haven't. It also allows me to label my feeds. This is more of a categorization system for your feeds. You can also throw a star on entries that you really like.

ვებ – ქსელის მკითხველი შესანიშნავია ჩემთვის, რადგან ვკითხულობ როგორც სამსახურში, ასევე სახლში. კარგი, ცუდი არ არის. ნამდვილად არაფერია ძალიან შთამბეჭდავი, რასაც ამბობთ
But then I clicked “Share”. Too sweet!!! With a little javascript magic, I now have my Top Ten on my sidebar (look to the right). As I indicate posts I've read with a ‘Star', they will show up automatically on my Top Ten! That is just too cool.

I picked up Freakonomics and The Long Tail today but haven't got started on them. I'll be on them tomorrow!

G'night everyone!

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